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There is a tremendous need for dedicated professionals who can push the boundaries of science, medicine, healthcare, and life science. That is exactly what Michael W. Deem has been able to do throughout the course of his career. With an exceptional educational pedigree, a tremendous amount of experience, and a dedicated work ethic, he has positioned himself as one of the top research scientists, leaders, and business management professionals in the life science field. During his career, he has done research in a wide range of fields, such as cancer research, biotechnology, energy, genomics, artificial intelligence, and data science.

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January 27, 2023

Does the Fourth COVID-19 Booster protect the Omicron Variant?

If you’ve been thinking about being vaccinated against COVID-19, you might be wondering if the fourth booster will still protect you. You won’t be completely protected until you have the fourth booster since research revealed that a third vaccination dosage was just 52%–69% effective. If you’ve been keeping up with the coronavirus epidemic, you know […]

Drive an Autocross
December 26, 2022

10 Tips on How to Drive an Autocross

It’s essential to know how to drive an autocross properly. Positioning the car ideally is a must, and gaining speed is crucial to success. Here are some tips to make the experience fun and rewarding. Positioning the car ideally is a prerequisite for speed Autocross is a fun, albeit challenging sport to participate in. The […]

December 2, 2022

What Is the Purpose of Zeolites?

Those of you that are familiar with Zeolites might be wondering what they are used for. Well, they are used in a wide variety of different applications. They can also remove unwanted cations, radioactive elements, and heavy metals from water. A stable and unreactive nature Various zeolites have different structural and chemical properties. Zeolites are […]

Michael Deem
November 15, 2022

What Are Careers in Life Sciences?

There are several different careers in the field of life sciences. Here we look at a few of these fields, including the educational requirements, job outlook, and qualifications. The first career is biomedical research, which involves working with a range of different organisms. Biomedical researchers conduct research on diseases and their treatment. Job Outlook The […]

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